Rabu, 25 November 2009

Proxy All About

A web proxy is becoming more and more important in today’s internet. Schools and Companys tend to block sites pretty quickly nowadays.It is especially irritating when the ban is directed towards just a few websites and not every website in that category. A Web Proxy might be able to sneak past this policies and display the site in your browser even though it is banned in the network.
How does a web proxy work ?
A network bans a website either by its IP, its name or part of its name. A web proxy makes only shows its own address to the network and not the actual destination of the user. The admin of the network will think everything is fine and you are free to reach the site that is banned. The only thing that might happen is that the admin is banning the web proxy as well, but this is not a big deal either. Hundreds of web proxys exist, just switch to a new one and you are ready to visit the banned site again.

Setup your own Web Proxy:

Let us assume that all proxy websites have been banned in your network, you can´t find a single web proxy that is still working. Your best choice is to create your own web proxy at an address that only you know. All you need is the php web proxy proxy and some webspace with php to upload it to. Search google for free webspace php and you should find some hosts that allow you to use php and upload your web proxy to them.
You can alternativly use a cgi web proxy which needs a webspace with cgi enabled.
Web Proxy List:
Please not that the list does not display if the webproxy is able to handle scripts, I did not find a reliable way to make a test for all languages out there, therefor this has not been added to the list. I also removed websites that loaded slowly, displayed errors or forced you to click on an ad before you could use the service.
It is most likely that the name “proxy” might have been banned as well, try using web proxys that do not have proxy i their url, this might help.
If none of the above work in your special case try this last resort, blockstop. It utilities the coral cdn network and uses a different method to access sites.a

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